Nizza Plastics Company Limited is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Rigid Film manufacturer and distributor based in Thailand. Our objective is to continue the improvement in quality of our production to better serve the customers whilst managing an efficient operation to minimize all relevant cost that will result us to be able to serve our customers at an even more reasonable price. Currently we are producing PVC Rigid Film supplying to business and industrial customers, such as packaging companies, instant food producers, cosmetic and other consumer product producers as well as companies requiring credit card and membership card applications, both in Thai and international markets. At Nizza plastics, we have assembled a team which has established with specialized competencies and hands-on experiences for more than 20 years in manufacturing and marketing PVC Rigid Film and other relevant plastic products.


Nizza Plastic Company Limited was registered to Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce in July 2005 and granted the licensed from the Board of investment of Thailand in January 2006. The company was founded on the principle of attaining the customer’s utmost satisfaction through the quality, reliability and precision of products and services.


At Nizza Plastics, we strongly believe that our employees are the most valuable assets that could facilitate us achieving the goal of becoming the leader in PVC Plastic Film industry. We believe the integrity, dedication and creativity of our employees, together with the advanced in production technology will leads us on a path to success. This becomes the foundation of our company to “treat all employees as though they are the member of our family”.

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